"When there is a will, there is a way".

The designers Tiia Vanhatapio and Miika Saksi met in 2011 working on a fashion related film in NYC and Las Vegas. They discovered even though they had seen and done a lot in their respected careers, it was until now a flash of bright light emerged. Finally there came along another person who questions the norm.

Vanhatapio & Saksi's previous diverse experience and cross-professionalism from various design positions and perspectives gave birth to a unique and new type of creative agency.

Tiia Vanhatapio had been awarded with the prestigious Golden Hanger –award in 2009 and the collection of the year 2011 in ELLE Style Awards. Vanhatapio was hand picked to the New York and Paris Fashion Weeks in 2010. Her work has gained a lot of international and domestic press till this day. Vanhatapio has collaborated with such companies as Audi, Artek, Chez Dominique, Elle, Microsoft, Samsung, Stockmann and Vero Moda. Her off duty passion lies in music, subcultures and providing refreshing rock'n'roll sounds as a dj. She also calls herself an amateur archeologist-sosiologist-historian, a lifelong love affair to all things ancient.

Miika Saksi is a self-taught designer. He has had an exceptionally long and aknowledged career as an illustrator, graphic designer, stylist, photographer and a film maker. His clients include Adidas, Burton Snowboards, Coca-Cola Company, Finlandia Vodka and Heineken. As well as being an occasional dj, Miika is driven by the street and popular cultures and the everlasting quest of finding the contemporary and contextually relevant new sounds from the future.

This headstrong combination of style, vision and good taste is focusing globally on lifestyle and fashion driven end-2-end cases, controlling every aspect from concept development and visual identities to event planning and interior and product design. Up to date the major projects and clients have been Copenhagen Beer, Glaceau, Robert Paulig, Rähinä Records, Seppälä and Veuve Clicquot.

Along with strong creative minds, the company's shareholders with a solid business background and the operative side make sure there is a clear strategic path on every case and project.

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